Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Blue Blob

On 15th February 2017, Room 25 decided to make Playdough. We Made the playdough in Room 25. Miss Vaotu’ua demonstrated how to make it before we did.

Firstly, Miss Vaotu’ua gave out the recipe to the class and we all read it together.
Next she showed us all the ingredients which included Flour, Salt, Oil, Food Colouring and water.
After she showed us the ingredients we all gathered around the table and she started making the playdough. We were all very excited!
The first step of the process was to measure 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt. Next, Miss Vaotu’ua added the wet ingredients which was 1Tbsp of oil, Blue food colouring and 1 cup of water. Miss Vaotu’ua mixed it altogether and it looked like vomit and porridge with little spots of blue. The more she mixed it, the consistency and texture started to smooth out. The blue food colouring spread out and it ended up looking like Playdough. The Playdough was blue as the sky.

Finally, room 25 had the chance to make their own. Miss Vaotu’ua came around and gave each group their ingredients. We poured the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients then we each had a turn to mix it altogether. Each group had a choice of red or blue food colouring, one group combined them to make their playdough purple.

The playdough was colourful like the rainbow and we had FUN!


  1. Your play dough looks so amazing. It looks as blue as the sky. How long did it take you to make the play dough?

    Fantastic fifteen over and out.

    1. Not that long. Maybe 20 minutes! Your blog is the bomb.com!