Tuesday, December 5, 2017


My favourite ride at Rainbow's End was the Power Surge because I got to flip upside down and have a  big laugh, with Gabby and Emeline .We had so much fun together on that ride because we did some fun challenges on the ride, like you can't  hold on and you can't scream.We all failed because we screamed because of laughter.

Shaylan Talavou :)

Family Karts...
My main ride was the Family Karts. When we got on the kart our kart didn't go. So we had to switch karts. When we started driving Shaylani (BFF) was driving very fast and when we turned we did not slow down, when we were supposed to. We almost crashed about 5 times because we were going to fast. Shaylani let go of the wheel and i had to turn it. We almost crashed. We were not allowed to bumb or crash into anyone, but we almost di cause we were doing too fast. When we parked up we parked up very fast.That was the best ride of the day.

Gabby Rere:)

Log Flume

My favourite ride for Rainbow's end was the log flume because you just got to sit and relax and it was creepy a little bit because the tree of the eyes were moving side to side and then it was looking it me and Amelia,but when we went down the water slasped in me and Amelia face,but when we saw our photo it was funny because me and Amelia eyes were closed and our mouths were open but it was worth it

Emeline Tuia:)

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